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Trainer/Assessor Bootcamp: Kick start your career

This introductory webinar equips you with the unique skills, mindset, and attitude you must demonstrate if you want to excel in a new career as a Trainer/Assessor.  It goes beyond the TAE qualification to provide you with the practical tools and tips about what to expect in a trainer/assessor role, how to keep compliant, tips on keeping your professional development up to date, and how the Standards for RTOs apply to your role.

Essential for any ambitious new trainer/assessor, the webinar is based on the principle that a trainer/assessor who has a broad but deep understanding of the industry will be far more successful in their role.

Key topics:

  • What to expect when you work for an RTO
  • Standards for RTOs and how they relate to the role of the trainer/assessor
  • Keeping your professional development up to date
  • Keeping your vocational skills current
  • Getting paperwork right and why this is so crucial in your new role
  • Student surveys: why we do them and how you can use them to your advantage
  • RTO reporting requirements and how they affect your role
  • How to maintain compliance as a trainer/assessor – PD, currency, paperwork,
  • The art of giving feedback

Your Trainer



We recently approached RTO Leadership Institute with regards to designing and delivering a tailor-made version of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification for around 20 of our staff members. Our requirements were quite specific in terms of the content design and delivery timeframes, and quite a bit of pre-work was required in order... READ MORE

Kristy James

Senior HR Consultant

Parkville College, DEECD

It is rare these days to find a business partner that really listens and encourages you to maintain your identity, whilst at the same time providing an umbrella that allows you to do what you do best. I have found that the staff and management at RTO Leadership Institute set high standards not only with... READ MORE

Lyn Fava


Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation