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CEO 5 Part Series : Making your RTO stand out for the right reasons!

Session One: Standards, Regulations and Frameworks – making your way through the maze

  • Standard 1 – 8
  • User Guide
  • Implementation
  • Jurisdictions
  • Other legislation/regulations in your industries

Session Two: You’re an RTO – what now? (Standard/Clause/s)

  • Setting up systems for success
  • Your first student – what now?
  • Employing a trainer – what do you need?
  • CRICOS  -Your first Intake –  Student Orientation & Support Resources – Director of Studies & Student Support Officer

Session Three: Marketing your course/s (Standard/Clause/s)

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Print
  • CRICOS: Educaton Agents/Networking & Events – also additional website pages for student services and accomodation
  • Third party
  • Monitoring market

Session Four: Industry & Quality

  • Engaging with industry
  • Managing quality of your course (reviews and improvements)
  • Understanding validation

Session Five: Reporting Requirements (Standard/Clause/s)

  • Total VET Activity
  • Quality Indicators
  • Changes in Fit & Proper Persons
  • Using ASQAnet
  • CRICOS: Participation and other mandatory reporting

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Your Trainer



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